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3-step Skin Resurfacing device developed by French Aesthetics Surgeons

Stretch Marks - reduces the appearance and improve texture!Helps with - acne scars, skin lesions, sun marks, melasma, neckline furrows, ect.Redefines skin texture, tightening pores, reducing wrinkles and enhancing skin complexation.


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17-belly treatment.jpg


Macro-exfoliation works thanks to the action of a single-use sealed tip fixed on the hand piece that will go into high frequency oscillations. The exfoliation tip erases imperfections layer by layer to smooth and unify the complexion



The Bloomea Hydra-Confort Biocellulose Mask is applied on the face, followed by pleasant massage by high frequency Microvibrations to stimulate the skin into the deep dermis and increase the production of elastin and collagen which in turn tightens and firms the skin.

19-Hand treatment.jpg


Red Light Therapy is emitted through the handpiece throughout the whole treatment (633nm) This enforces the regenerative effect on the skin for both the Macro-exfoliation and Microvibrations.

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